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TBD: The Movie

An open-source crowd-funded cinematic experience.
Who (or what) should narrate TBD: The Movie?

Take a look at the short films going into TBD: The Movie:
The Braincrimes of Harris Smith
Publishing Deal
Sleep Study

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Jul 3 '13

TBD: The Movie: Stories Submitted (Quick Reference)

You guys are the best. Look at all of these story submissions!! I’m cutting off submissions on July 12th so spread this around. Tell your friends. And remember a couple key points:

  • there will be a survey that will close soon that will determine the genre of the movie - unless no likes the result of the survey (lol)
  • the movie will be structured as an anthology with a wrap around story
  • we need more moolah to make this movie right ;)

Everything else is up in the air! Submit plenty of ideas, if they’re good enough we might throw out everything else and go with one author, ha ha. Just saying! We’re staying flexible.

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